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Tuesday, 18 July 2017 09:34

Togo achievements - December 2016 - June 2017

Togo: EBAFOSA Togo has mobilized partnerships to build on ongoing reforestation work by Ministry of Environment towards reclaiming regarded lands. Over 10,000 trees have been planted in the canton of soumdina, in Aného and Agou in fulfillment of Togo NDC priorities.

EBAFOSA Togo catalyzing partnerships between soybean cooperatives and ongoing initiatives by the Ministry of Commerce & Private Sector and the Ministry of Agriculture and Hydraulics towards climate proof & maximizing productivity of soybean farmers. This by linking farmers to efficient supply of inputs to lower costs & to storage to cut losses; to packaging service providers, to marketing support and business training to enhance incomes, to advisory support on using EBA to enhance climate resilience of their farms. These actions are also increasing coverage of site based EBA. The above actions have resulted in a number of beneficiaries in 3 townships;

- The township of Glitto, in the prefecture of Anié, where 110 producers (in 13 cooperatives), 32 of which are women in 2 cooperatives projected to enhance annual yields & incomes by 25% on a minimum of 350 ha of land to be under EBA.

- The township of Elavagnon in Anié prefecture where 2 cooperatives of 40 women and 30 men on 45 hectares of land expected to enhance yields & incomes. 

- The township of Aouda in Sotouboua prefecture where 8 co-operatives of men and women are cultivating 220 hectares annually to be under EBA.

The EBAFOSA Togo secretariat (Jeunes Verts-Togo), a National NGO on youth empowerment for climate action is collaborating with the government through the Ministry of Primary, Secondary and Literacy Education to leverage on the global programme - “Plant for the Planet program” whose objective is to plant 1000 billion trees worldwide to build internal capacity towards planting 3000 trees in Togo between 2017-2020 in line with Togo NDCs. To date, over 1500 students have been trained on ecosystems protection and need to preserve & enhance forest sinks towards building Togo’s climate resilience. These have become "climatic justice ambassadors" in their respective schools and environments to continue enhance awareness raising among other young people.

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