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Tuesday, 18 July 2017 09:31

Uganda achievements - December 2016 - June 2017

Uganda: to incentivize upscaled use of climate resilient high value crops capable of enhancing both biophysical and socioeconomic resilience, EBAFOSA Uganda has catalyzed mutual partnerships between sorghum & cassava farmers in Kaliro & Namutumba districts in eastern Uganda and suppliers of solar powered pumps for on-farm value addition of irrigation. EBAFOSA Uganda has also catalyzed linkages of these farmers to markets, specifically breweries that use the starch as raw material. These linkages are increasing yields & incomes of the farmers to enhance their socioeconomic resilience while simultaneously incentivizing increased cultivation of sorghum & cassava which are not only climate resilient but also improve structure of soil to enhance biophysical resilience. 

- EBAFOSA Uganda is building on ongoing work by the Kikandwa Environmental Association to upscale site based EBA actions of agro-forestry using indigenous trees to restore ecosystems and build climate resilience.   

- EBAFOSA Uganda is building on initiatives by the Farmers Media Link Centre and the Climate for Nutrition Initiative by linking them to value addition service providers. These initiatives targeting women have mobilized women to groups and empower them through training on value addition and accessing equipment & markets. The women are packing processed dried ‘Katunkuma’ fruits, an indigenous fruit, for sale to supermarkets. They also produce peanut paste and package it for the market. With the intervention of food specialists mobilized through EBAFOSA Uganda, the product are now flavoured with Vanilla and chocolate and target high end markets in Kampala. 

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