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Wednesday, 28 June 2017 08:43

Benin achievements - December 2016 - June 2017

Benin: the inter-agency policy task force has been constituted with 20 ministerial level focal persons drawn from key ministries of agriculture, energy, environment, planning among others needed to establish EBA based, clean energy powered agro-industrial zones. Operational level actors also included to inform policy processes and enhance implementation - 23 EBAFOSA Benin Regional representatives, and 24 members of the Specialized Committees. The first meeting of the task force planned for end of July 2017 under joint sponsorship of the Ministry of Environment & Ministry of Agriculture. This meeting aimed at harmonizing views on the Task Force's response strategy, its functional organization and its official host. This will be the Ministry of Environment or the Ministry of Agriculture.

At operational level

-To enhance use of EBA for on-farm approaches, EBAFOSA Benin is building on ongoing cassava farms to integrate EBA. Already, 2 farms in the communes of Kétou (southern Benin) and Glazoue (middle of Benin) covering a total of 2ha are engaged. These farms will be linked to processors for making of cassava flour and bread.   

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